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Inspiring Rocketry Presentation Leaves 7th Graders Aiming for the Stars

Published on 10/2/2023

Lehi, Utah - On Friday, September 22nd, a captivating presentation on the practical applications of Newton's three laws of motion to rocketry left the entire 7th grade at Lehi Junior Hhigh inspired and enthusiastic about the world of aerospace. David Anisman and Jason Farnsworth delivered an informative presentation that brilliantly illustrated how Newton's foundational laws of motion are applied in the realm of rocket science. 

The students were treated to a viewing of UROC's Kip Daugirdas' four-minute video capturing the breathtaking Mesos launch from the previous year. The crescendo of the event was the outdoor rocket launch. Anisman and Farnsworth launched three small rockets into the sky, demonstrating firsthand the principles they had discussed earlier. The spectacle of the rockets soaring into the air left the students wide-eyed and exhilarated, helping to cement their understanding of the connection between scientific principles and real-world applications.

With minds ignited and aspirations set sky-high, the students of have been given a glimpse into the world of rocketry and aerospace, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of David Anisman and Jason Farnsworth. Who knows, among them may be the future astronauts, engineers, and scientists who will shape the future of space exploration.