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Here's to an Amazing 2024 Launch Year

Paul Joyce | Published on 1/1/2024
Happy New Year!!!!  I sincerely hope 2024 is the most rewarding, successful, amazing, fulfilling year yet.  Of course, I hope to see lots of rockets in the air and lots of cool projects this year too!

I write everyone today humbled and thankful.  The honor of being UROC President for the last 3 years has been an amazing experience for me.  UROC is an amazing club because of all of you, its members.  I’m so blessed with the friendships I’ve made over the last few years.  The fun and experiences that I’ve had, will live with me forever.

Elections, again this year, were a little unique to be honest.  For those of you that attended the Christmas Party, know that Neal Baker will be taking back over has President of UROC.  I truly can not say enough great things about Neal.  The tenure he brings to the club and sport is simply amazing.  Neal has been in virtually every role in the club including President off and on many times over the years.  To simply be thankful for Neal and his contributions would be an understatement.  Neal’s contributions to this club are beyond anyone’s expectations.  The club is very lucky to have Neal and his continued interest to see it live on.  Being a UROC officer or elevated member is not a scary adventure. It’s extremely rewarding in so many ways.  Please continue to think about taking on some of these roles as each of your lives allow for it.

I’d like to acknowledge and extend an extreme amount of gratitude to the other officers and people that have roles in the club.  I’ve been honored to work with and have the support of Dave Hill, Jason Farnsworth, Jed Marti, Tim Boschert, Kip Daugirdas, Robert Hansen, Ben Cook, Rich Evans, Brad Overmoe, Jack Anderson, Bruce Bell and the outreach committee.  These people are amazing, give their time generously, and I simply can not thank them enough.  If you get a chance to shake any of these people hands and thank them for what they do for UROC, please don’t hesitate, do it.

I’m not going far and hope to return to a meaningful role in UROC again someday soon.  But in the short term, you’re in amazing hands.

Your 2024 UROC Officers:

Neal Baker – President
Jason Farnsworth – Vice President
Ben Cook – Secretary
Robert Hansen – Treasurer

Thank you all again for the opportunity to had led this amazing club.
Happy New Year,

Paul Joyce