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March UROC Meeting - Level 2 Testing Party

Neal E Baker | Published on 3/4/2024
We are excited to inform you that on Monday, March 11th, we will be hosting a testing session in preparation for our upcoming launch on March 16th. This will be held during our normally scheduled Member's Meeting.

The purpose of this testing session is to provide an opportunity for members interested in attempting their Level 2 certification to take the written tests. By doing so, we aim to streamline the process and allow our NAR Advisor and Prefect to focus on flight certifications during the launch, rather than having to proxy tests.

Here are the details for the testing session:

- Date: Monday, March 11th
- Time: 7:00 pm
- Location: 2001 S State Street (north building) Suite 800

Any member interested in pursuing their Level 2 certification launch on March 16th is invited to attend the meeting and take the written tests. This will not only enhance your certification process but also contribute to the smooth execution of the launch event. Please note, you must physically attend the meeting to take the test, this is not available virtually.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us at We encourage all interested members to participate and make the most of this opportunity.

Looking forward to seeing you at the testing session!